• you are a victim of domestic violence and still living with the perpetrator or have only been separated from the perpetrator for 3 months or less

  • you have been suffering enduring mental illness

  • you are under 18

  • you are actively suicidal

  • a technophobe


Finding the right kind of therapy and therapist can be challenging. Online counselling has become the alternative to face-to-face therapy during the covid pandemic. You may want to refer to BACP’s (the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) Register which provides downloadable information sheets on what you need to know when looking for a counsellor and also its associated website on the kind of therapies available to you.

If you do enjoy writing and prefer to have space for self-reflection between communications then the less spontaneous form of email may suit you more.

To ensure a confidential and safe service I use hushmail which is a secure, private and encrypted web-based email service. You do not have to have an account with hushmail. You will receive a link to pick up the email.

Video counselling on the other hand is real-time communication similar to face-to-face communication. It can provide some proximity to the therapist and enough distance to give you the safety to engage in counselling without feeling overwhelmed.

In these uncertain times online counselling can offer you the support you may otherwise not have, providing you with more flexible scheduling and affordable rates.

I offer online counselling via encrypted email or via zoom and/or video Whatsapp. Each medium has its unique features and limitations both in practical and therapeutic terms.

Online counselling is different from face-to-face counselling. Although it can be as effective and therapeutic it is not suitable for all and I hope this page provides sufficient information for you to make an informed decision. Detailed information sheets with regard to procedure, set up and safety measures will be provided. Please feel free to contact me with any queries.

Both Zoom (video communication) and Whatsapp (mobile phone) offer a high standard of data security and confidentiality. When using PCs or laptops you will need a webcam either already installed or an external plug-in one. To enhance sound quality and privacy, you may want to use a headset. You also need a high speed internet connection to avoid sound delays, lack of lip-voice synchronisation and image pixilation or freezing. If you are unfamiliar with technology it may lead to increased anxiety and confusion. You also need to ensure your sessions take place in a private setting with tissues, phone (turned off) and comfortable chair to hand.

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